Rule 13 Makes License Restoration Difficult

When I prepare a substance abuse evaluation I am doing so because you have been convicted for multiple drunk driving cases and your license has been revoked.  Under these cirumstances the rules from the Secretary of State require that you present a substance abuse evaluation before you can regain your license.

The rule also requires that in order to regain your license, you must present clear and convincing evidence, which I understand to be a very high standard, just below the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.  Your experienced driver license restoration lawyer can explain these various standards to you.

According to rule 13, your substance abuse evaluation must help you establish by clear and convincing evidence:

  • That any alcohol or substance abuse problems you have are under control and likely to remain under control.
  • You are at low or minimal risk of relapse.
  • You have the ability and motivation to drive safely.
  • You must also demonstrate complete abstinence from alcohol and/or controlled substances for at least six months but usually for one year.

 When I perform my substance abuse evaluation these factors are some of the things that I will be looking at and thinking about and I will cover them in your evaluation.

 If I believe that I cannot help your attorney make out your burden of proof, then I may recommend further treatment and/or a longer period of abstinence.

You can find more information about Michigan driver license restoration at the Win Back Your Life web site.

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