Q. What services do you provide?

A. I offer evaluation and treatment of mental health and substance abuse conditions. Sometimes we would meet only once, for example in the case of a Substance Abuse Evaluation for legal purposes. This type of evaluation might be for the purposes of a Driver’s License Restoration, or for recommendations for your treatment, if needed, for court purposes. The current cost for the clinical evaluation, scoring of tests and writing of the evaluation report is $325. There is an additional cost if a urinalysis test is required, and I refer clients to reputable testing sites that normally charge $45-55 for this service.

Evaluations for treatment are clinical assessments that take place at the beginning of treatment together. They are initial evaluations that occur during our first meeting, and provide the basis for diagnosis and an informed treatment plan for treatment sessions going forward.

Treatment is tailored together with you, the client. At the end of the first session, I provide an initial impression and recommendation for work together in treatment sessions going forward.

Q. How long will treatment last and how often will we meet?

A. If you do decide or are in need of treatment services, an estimation of the frequency would be offered following the first session. Sessions are typically conducted once per week to develop and maintain momentum and treatment gains. Sometimes, more frequent sessions are recommended depending on the level of severity of symptoms or the number of co-occurring disorders involved. The number of sessions ranges from brief therapy (6-12 sessions) to long-term therapy, depending on the conditions and the interest of the patient. Generally, clients with co-occuring disorders prefer and are best treated by longer term therapy.

Q. Do you work with couples or families?

A. Yes, in my work I find it is often useful to address the family system when working with individuals, and this type of expanded work would be discussed following the initial evaluation. However, many insurances do not cover couples or marital therapy. Please check your insurance coverage for specifics.

Q. What ages do you see?

A. I work with mainly children ages 10 and up, through adulthood.

Q. Do you accept insurance? How much does therapy cost?
A. I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance. Fees for therapy through these insurances are set by the insurance company and the cost and your copay can be determined by contacting your insurance company. I discontinued the direct relationships I had with other insurance companies over ten years ago. The dollar value of mental health insurance reimbursements have steadily declined over the last couple of decades and no longer provide the support for therapy they once did. Additionally, they usually require detailed information about your symptoms, history, and treatment. Some policies provide reimbursement for what are called “out-of-network providers.” If this is your situation, I will provide a statement that can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement. My fees, commensurate with my training and experience, are discussed in the first session.

The Cost for the Drivers License Restoration or court evaluation process, which involves the clinical interview, psychometric assessment, education of the appeal process, validation of references and data, written report and collaboration with the attorney, if needed, as stated above, is $325. Insurance will not cover the cost of legal evaluations, and must be paid at the time of the evaluation. Please see my section entitled, “Substance Abuse Evaluations” for more detailed information about these types of assessments.

Q. Does your treatment blend with AA or with psychiatric medication treatment?

A. Yes, I work collaboratively with such treatments, which are often excellent counterparts to psychotherapy.

Q. Are my sessions confidential?

A. Yes. Your insurance company, if you decide to utilize insurance, is privy to some of your personal information. Otherwise, your information is kept in strictest confidence, only to be released by you if you so desire, via your endorsement on a signed release of information form.