Bi-Weekly Personal Growth Group

  • Bi-Weekly Wednesday Psychodrama Group
    with Dr. Corby

    This 2 1/2 hour twice monthly psychodrama group is an on-going personal growth co-ed group for men and women. These groups will use psychodramatic techniques, sociometry, and many other empirically-supported methods to enhance personal development. In this group we address a wide variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, distorted thinking, substance abuse, feelings of not belonging, codependency, shame, trauma, as well as bodywork emotional release, wholeness and mind-body wellness.

    The current group, which has existed for a decade, consists of a small group of highly motivated individuals who are experienced with the experiential action group therapy method known more broadly as psychodrama. New members are usually easily role-trained in the method by other more experienced members and the facilitators.

    A typical psychodrama session will usually consist of three phases: the warm-up to action, the action or drama, followed by group sharing. Through the psychodrama action method, the protagonist and other group members develop insight into past inter and intrapersonal issues, traumas, present challenges, and future goals and find healing through psychologically and physically working through unresolved issues. Group members are the healing agents for one another.

    Psychodrama incorporates and involves both the body and the mind and is effective toward the treatment of a broad range of issues and concerns. For example, persons experiencing relationship challenges, overcoming past trauma, loss or addiction may find psychodrama to be a profoundly healing experience. The therapeutic group provides those in treatment for these and a variety of mood, emotional or personality disorders with a safe space and format to process and communicate  difficulties, pain or challenges.

    Each session is different, but generally begins with the directors checking in with the protagonist from the last session, and a brief processing of their work and group building. Then, after warm-up, the group will typically move into action with activities and/or the selection of a new protagonist. Break out sessions periodically enable members to share on a smaller level and get to know each other individually. Many psychodrama interventions are utilized each session which may consist of everything from empty chair work all the way through to more complex dramas involving multiple scenes and auxiliaries.  Participants therefore will have the opportunity to experience the psychodramatic roles of protagonist, auxiliary, double, witness and audience member.

    The Wednesday afternoon psychodrama therapy group is open to anyone wishing to explore and experience the profound therapeutic value of psychodrama and group therapy. No psychodrama experience is necessary; however, participants must make a commitment to the group to attend every session. No drop ins are allowed as this is a working therapy group. Individuals interested in simply trying psychodrama are advised to enroll in one of our daylong, weekend or intensive workshops.

    Additionally, this group requires and incorporates high levels of individual and group trust, safety, and confidentiality. Consequently, when selecting new group member candidates, it is necessary for us to carefully consider group dynamics and sociometry, and this requires that any potential new group candidates be prescreened. The group must also be prepared for the possible entry of a new group member.

    Cost is $75 per two and a half hour session. Insurance may reimburse part of the cost. Contact me for more information.

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