Glossary – Drivers Restoration

Glossary of Often Used Terms Drivers Restoration


BAC: Bodily Alcohol Content – This information is obtained by a blood or breath test.

Ignition Interlock: This device prevents the vehicle from being started until the person passes a breath test. If the driver has any measurable bodily alcohol content, the car will not start. Random tests are required while operating the vehicle. These devices are mandatory for repeat offenders who are granted restricted licenses after serving a period of revocation. Ignition interlocks are installed at the offender’s expense.

Immobilization: Immobilization of the offending vehicle is court-ordered for repeat offenders. Drivers must have immobilization devices installed at their expense and show proof of installation to the court. Technologies include: ignition interlock, steering column club, wheel boot, or driver tether. Immobilization is ordered if offender owns, co-owns, leases, or co-leases the vehicle.

Plate Confiscation: At time of arrest for a multiple offender, officers confiscate the vehicle’s metal plate regardless of ownership, destroy the plate, and replace it with a paper plate that expires when the case is finally decided.

Registration Denial: Offenders cannot register a vehicle in which they hold an ownership interest until they are relicensed. This applies only to repeat offenders with three or more alcohol convictions or four or more driving while suspended violations.

Restrictions: This means limited driving privileges such as driving to and from work.

Revocation: This means the permanent loss of the driver license and privilege to operate a motor vehicle. After the minimum period of revocation, (one year or five years) drivers may re-apply for a license and try to prove they will be safe drivers in the future. The agency may deny the license or grant a restricted license.

Suspension: This means the temporary loss of a driver license for an established period of time. Upon expiration of the suspension period and payment of a $125 reinstatement fee, the license will be returned.

Vehicle Forfeiture: The court orders the vehicle sold. Monies from the sale will be distributed according to the priorities defined by statute, first to pay secured interests and then to others.